Call Centre Analytics

Monitor 100% of your calls regardless of the languages spoken

Welcome to our cutting-edge AI-powered call centre analytics API, designed to revolutionise your communication infrastructure. Seamlessly integrating into your existing platform, our solution is poised to transform the way you analyse and understand phone calls.

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Spoken Language Identification

Harness the power of advanced proprietary models with our state-of-the-art analytics tool. By automatically detecting spoken languages in phone calls, we enhance efficiency and accuracy, allowing you to focus on what matters most – meaningful conversations.

Multilingual Transcription

Our analytics tool goes beyond boundaries, providing impeccable transcription services for phone calls featuring multiple languages. With the ability to seamlessly recognise and capture speech in different languages, understanding and analysing multilingual conversations has never been easier for businesses.

AI-Powered Analytics

Discover meaningful insights, enhance accuracy, and streamline decision-making processes. Our advanced AI-Powered analytics transform data into actionable intelligence, providing you with a competitive edge.

Smart Detector Proactive Alerts

Stay ahead with Proactive Alerts, driven by the Smart Detector. Our intelligent system foresees issues before they emerge, enabling swift action through instant notifications. 

Improved agent performance

Group 51


of calls can be monitored

Reduced QA 

Improved customer
Reduced fraud &
compliance issues

Your customers deserve to be
heard in their own language