Language should not be a barrier
to accessing digital services.

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Why we exist

Systems and technologies that allow speech based human-computer interactions have been widely adopted across the world. These systems have made a lot of things possible as they have automated and simplified many processes.

They are being used in many applications such as teaching people how to read, pronunciation training, reading to the blind, transcribing for the deaf, automatic translation, helping the vocally impaired and the most popular application being voice-enabled virtual assistants. These systems also play a huge role in language preservation.

The problem however, is that these systems are currently only available in English and other major global languages. This means that people who speak African languages are missing out on new technologies that could aid and simplify their daily lives.

Who we are

Botlhale AI is a research and innovation start up that specializes in conversational AI. Computer systems have become an integral part of our everyday lives and as a result, natural spoken language is a desired form of human computer interaction.

We have a suite of Natural Language Processing tools, built to help service providers and developers unleash the commercial power of human language technologies in African languages. Not only that but to help people gain access to digital solutions using natural spoken language.

At Botlhale we think that language should not be a barrier to accessing digital services, in fact we believe it should be an enabler for people to access and engage with their service providers effectively.

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Our Vision

We envision Africa's complex and unique problems being solved innovatively by Africans using Artificial Intelligence

Our mission is to help organisations eliminate the language barrier between them and their customers

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