Bua - Bot Builder

We offer a collection of natural language processing tools called “Bua”, to help service providers interact with customers through digital platforms in multiple African Languages.

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Bot Builder

Bot Builder: Build, train and deploy multilingual Conversational AI

Our easy to use interface allows the deployment of Conversational AI for various platforms, across different industries. With a library of prebuilt conversation templates, you do not have to start from scratch!

Chatbot deployment
is made simple with our

No-Code Bot Builder

Build Complex Chatbots

Build chatbots that are able to extract the user’s intent and important key details (entities), and utilise a dialogue manager to be able to predict the next best action based on the user’s current message and context from the ongoing conversation.

Deploy Chatbots with Minimal Coding

Built-in one-click deployments for various messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, and more. Additionally you are able to connect your chatbot to other platforms through our REST APIs.

Handle Complex Transactions With Ease

Perform transactions with external APIs within conversations using custom functions in Python, enabling you to seamlessly integrate with any system that provides an API. This allows you to add buttons, rather than typing out a message.

Get Real-Time Insights into Your Chatbot Data

With in-depth analytics, you are able to understand your customers’ behaviour, bot’s performance and recurring usage patterns.


Help Desk

Engaging your customers on live chat has never been this easy!

Our easy to use interface allows your support team to be efficient like never before. With a range of features that automate and simplify a variety of tasks for your support staff.

Engage with your customers from

one inbox

regardless of the channel they are using

Instantly Translate chats

With our help desk, you can translate the entire customer conversation to their preferred language and vice versa. This ensures that your support staff understands what your customers are saying, regardless of the language they are speaking.

Track Agent Performance in Real-Time

Our real-time support agent reporting dashboard enables you to monitor and track the performance of your support staff. Gain a quick view of key metrics of the agent’s performance such as resolution rate, time to first response, abandonment rate, and other insightful statistics.

Manage Chat Queues Efficiently

Effortlessly streamline the management of your live chat queue by utilising a range of versatile features. Take control of your online communication by establishing customised office hours, implementing intricate routing rules, defining SLA time, and more.

Quickly Access Contacts & Send Replies

Our help desk allows your support staff to create and use quick replies in order to save time, by eliminating the need to type out the same message multiple times. Ensure that you know who you are talking to, their engagement history, and what they usually enquire about.


Increase in support staff productivity.


Increase in staff satisfaction.


of customers say an instant response is critical when they have a customer support query.


Decrease in customer
support costs.


of customers prefer making purchase decisions in their own language

Group 39 (1)


Decrease in inbound
contact centre calls.

Your customers deserve to be
heard in their own language