Speech APIs

Our speech APIs can be used on their own to create other voice enabled solutions in African languages.

Our Speech Tools

Our easy to use APIs allow you to build powerful speech enabled solutions in  African languages.

Text to Speech

The TTS module takes in a text input and converts it to speech. The speech generated is supposed to be intelligible and it should sound as natural as possible. 

This module is useful in making computer generated voices. This can be used in dialogue systems like Siri or voice enabled GPS systems. This module returns an audio file from a given text input.

Supported Languages

IsiXhosa, IsiZulu, Swahili and many other African languages.

Natural Sounding Voices

Deliver high-quality and natural sounding voices.

Speech to Text

An ASR system is a system that converts speech to text, or simply, a system that allows machines to “hear” natural speech. This helps users interact with computer systems using speech. This module returns a transcription of a given speech audio file.

Our ASR models have an average

WER of 15%.

Voice Biometrics

This module uses voice recognition to identify and  validate a person. The module matches a speech phrase to an ID. This can be used in call centres, for example, to verify the caller’s identity.

Speaker verification

Use voice to verify a speaker’s identity.

Speaker identification

Identify individual speakers within a group.

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