Botlhale AI, Africa’s Conversational AI

Let us help you engage with your customers in
languages they understand and trust through
conversation AI.

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Conversational AI

With our conversational AI platform, you can take your
 customer service to the next level.

We provide our clients with conversational AI allowing them to reduce support costs, Increase customer reach, conversion & retention.

Our conversational bots also help you provide a higher-quality service with a reduced response time offered 24/7, and improve your support agents’ productivity and happiness.

Your customers speak IsiZulu, Afrikaans, IsiXhosa, Setswana, Sepedi, Sesotho, Xitsonga, siSwati, Tshivenda,  Swahili, Kinyarwanda, do you?

Your customer support team may not be able to speak
all 11 South African languages or operate 24/7,
but our AI powered bots can!

Our Product

With our multilingual, voice enabled, no code, conversational AI bot builder
you can build, test, and deploy conversational AI without a single line of code.

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Build Once,
Deploy Everywhere!

Built to heal you unleash the
commercial power of Conversational AI
in African languages.

Build Complex Voice Enabled Chatbots that can predict the next best action, based on the user’s current message and context from the conversation.

Easy integrations with built-in one click deployments for various messaging platforms like Telegram, Facebook Messenger and more.

Our analytics dashboard will extract instant rich insights from all your customer conversations regardless of the language they use.

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Let us help you engage with your customers in a language they trust and understand.